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Hi, I’m Amanda. I currently live in a tiny teardrop camper. For one year (and maybe longer!) I’m traveling in Canada, the US and Mexico with my partner, Jason, and my 16-year-old dog, Kiji. I write about our adventures as well as life lessons I’m learning along the way.

Here is a little about me:


My background is in climate-change impacts on ecosystems and people. I am a systems thinker – meaning that I view people as part of nature and look at culture, ecology, society, economics, biophysics, etc. as intertwined processes. Recently, my interest is exploring social justice and equity as part of climate adaptation solutions. I am currently collecting interviews for a new climate adaptation podcast.


I help organizations, agencies and communities better understand, manage and adapt to 21st century conservation challenges, including climate change. I take a holistic approach, linking ecology to society, culture, and economics. I am an experienced coach for the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. Contact me if you are interested in working together.


I am fluent in English and conversational in Spanish and Portuguese.


I own a teardrop trailer and blog about my travels (among other things).


I am a budding songwriter and enjoy playing guitar and piano.


I love to dance in general; currently enjoying Salsa and Bachata.