More Fun With Less!


Last fall, my partner, Jason, decided that he was going to write about minimalism. We were on a motorcycle camping trip from Portland, Oregon to Prescott, Arizona when he decided this was what he was going to do. It made sense – when we moved in together he had a suitcase, a backpack, and a guitar. I was in the process of downsizing for a year-long trip in my teardrop trailer and I was down to the end of selling and giving away my stuff.

It was easy to get rid of stuff at first. Things I didn’t use, clothes that didn’t fit or I didn’t wear…but at the end it got tough. All that was left were things I was emotionally attached to or had used often. Jason was compassionate in helping me to decide what to keep in storage and what to let go of. He asked if I could take a photo of the item so I would have the memory, if not the physical item. He asked about the stories behind them, and he listened. Often, that’s all I needed, was some acknowledgement and someone to listen.

Now we can both say beyond a doubt that we are minimalists. Our home is five-feet by eight-feet! That’s a true tiny house. So far we have driven across 10 states and provinces and we’re about half way to our final destination. While traveling, we have been brainstorming about Jason’s minimalist website.

I’m very excited to announce that is live!!! It plays on the theme of this summer – letting go and having fun. Jason is making funny cartoons to go with the articles, which is a unique addition to a blog. I’m contributing articles as well. We hand drew our logos (to keep in the vein of having fun) and now have them on our little camper. You may see us driving past!

We will be blogging about a simple lifestyle, downsizing, minimalist traveling, cooking and more! I will keep blogging on this site, too. Please visit and sign up to follow us!


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