If these canyon walls could talk


The interpretive sign speaks of a battle
A mighty war between foes
Steady blows lasting era
The sturdy rock victim to water’s relentless force
Carving sheer cliffs and canyon walls

I sat on the rock face and inquired
How does it feel to be at war?
With an enemy that resists every blow
One that cannot be struck but never stops striking
A never-ending army with never-ending strength

The rock was gentle in its reply
My child, it said, I am not at war with the river
We have danced together since time can remember
Change is inevitable, even with mountains
Returning to the earth like us all

Why would I want to stay the same? the canyon continued
The roaring Athabasca gives me shape
Carving me this way and that
What else moves rock with such grace?
I am grateful for its loving touch

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